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This information system, the Flight Information System (FIS) has been SAFBVA-designed and programmed for our site by Bob Schmid, Kerry Schmid, Norm Morency, Ron Addington and Ben Fisher, Jr. It was approved a/o 13 Apr '07 by our Board of Directors and will be implemented on our Site.

The FIS provides an automated method to search our accumulated personnel data sources. The software logic attempts to aid our members in finding old friends from the start of our USAF career at Sampson. The info has been manually collected over a number of years by various personnel including Ken Irish, Ron Addington and Chip Phillips. Any type of document that provided a name and date was used. As the data was generated, some of it was created based upon memory, which after 50 years could produce minor flaws.

The information contained in FIS falls into two categories:
1. Flight Data: Flight #, Squadron, Area, TAC Instructor Name, Date In, Date Out

2. Airman Data: Name (F/L), City, State, Flight #, Date in, Date out.

The elements listed below will NOT be displayed due to security and privacy concerns, Street Address, ZIP Code, Telephone #s, Email Address.

We also have a limited number (800) of on-line Flight photos attached to its specific Flight record.

This effort generated nearly 121,457 records, representing almost 1/3 of the 311,000+ USAF Basics. Adding to that number are more than 4000 Association members. The larger data base was compiled from sources more than 50 years old, thus containing only First/Last Name, Time In-Out, and Flight Number. The FIS represents 4800+ unique Flights that passed between '51 - '56.

If you see errors or can help fill holes, please submit a Feedback Form with additions or corrections.


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