New Jersey

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every other month at the Fireside Lounge of the ‘Club’ on McGuire AFB at 1100 to 1400 hrs.

Membership in the 1st New Jersey Squadron is $15.00 per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to cover mailing and other incidental expenses.

Make checks payable to “1st New Jersey Squadron” and mailed to: (TBA 1ST NEW JERSEY SQUADRON).

Contact: TBA

The 1st New Jersey Squadron came into being in August 2001. The initial meeting, with 19 men in attendance was held on August 9, 2001 at the 94th Bomb Group Restaurant in Fairfield, New Jersey.
The men at this first meeting decided on several items of importance. The first was to determine what type of association the 1st New Jersey Squadron was going to be. With a unanimous approval the Squadron would be non-political, informal and social. The next item of business was the election of someone as chairman to lead the Squadron. Harry Vanderham was asked to be chairman. The frequency of meetings and membership dues was also discussed. Every other month was determined to be the best option. Dues were set at $15.00 per person for each fiscal year. The chairman would determine the location of each meeting. After the passing of Harry Vanderham I Ralph L. Stauffer Sr took over the Squadron and we had our first meeting without Harry in Dec. 2011.

Our current meeting place is the Liberty Room, a private room, in the Enlisted Club on McGuire Air Force Base. It is not a prerequisite to be a member of our parent Association to be a member of our Squadron or live in New Jersey. We have men attend our meetings from the Army and others from the great State of Pennsylvania. At present our squadron has thirty eight

Sad to report that Ralph L Stauffer Sr, 1st NJ Squadron Commander has passed away, “May He rest in peace”.
The Squadron is in the process of finding a replacement as Commander.
More information to come.

SAFBVA, Webmaster.