Attendance was 30 plus. Among our attendees was a four footed interloper wanting to know where her badge was.

May 12, 13, 14 The Ohio Squadron held their reunion as usual at the Hope Hotel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. And, as usual, the hotel provided a warm welcome.

Of course the first stop after registration

was the hospitality room that the hotel had set up for us with the necessary tables and chairs.


A main attraction in the hospitality room (beside the goodies) was the challenge of the puzzle.

Thursday is normally setup and get ready day, but there are always early birds. So, on Thursday evening we early birds went into Fairborn for dinner at the Amber Rose. Very Nice!

Friday was busy. As in prior years we began with a “Behind the Scenes” tour of the renovation hangar at the Air Force Museum. The Memphis Belle was being worked on for future display at the museum. That was awesome! Later we did lunch at a base dining hall (aka chow hall). That was a total surprise to some of us. Random access buffet, etc.

Then we had a special deal. The fourth hangar at the museum will not be opened to the public until June but we got a tour of it.
At one point we were on a balcony overlooking the hangar floor so we just had to have a group picture.

From Hangar 4 we went to the Korean War section of the museum and had our “official” group picture taken in front of an honest to goodness F86 Sabre, called the “Sabrejet

Friday night is banquet night. This time the comments about the meal were extremely positive. More than one of us said that the steak was the best they ever had! And the Chicken Supreme received accolades well.

And, three of our ladies, Dorothy Young, Val Fulton, and Marlene Vanek were presented with certificates of appreciation for their terrific help in making this happen.

Saturday is usually an “on your own” day. Most folks visit the museum, some hang out in the hospitality room. For the dinner meal we went to the Fairborn Diner and Restaurant.

And a good time was had by all.

To cap it off, we “retired” to the hospitality room. And to make the whole thing come to a great close ,they completed the puzzle!!