Rhode Island


A group of Sampson vets met at Denny's Restaurant, in Warwick, RI on Friday August 28, 2009 for the purpose of forming a Rhode Island squadron. At a second meeting held on Tuesday October 20, 2009 it was agreed that future monthly meetings be held at this location.
The vets in attendance enjoyed the get together, exchanging stories about their experiences while at Sampson and other Air Force assignments.

Our meetings are held at Twins Oaks Restaurant 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI in “Billy’s Room”on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1PM.

We invite all vets to come and join us.

For information about the Rhode Island Squadron Contact:

Squadron Commander, Leo H. Fox, 72 East Park Lane, Kingston, RI 02881 - Phone 401-368-1346 or Email: leohfoxcpa@cox.net
Vice Commander, Bob Dalton - Phone: 401-739-1493, Email: rkdmad@aol.com

Lunch/Meeting Tuesday October 21, 2014

Our next meeting will be held at Twin Oaks Restaurant, 100  Sabra Street Cranston, RI on Tuesday October 21st in “Billy’s Room” at 1:00 PM.

The August meeting was held at Twin Oaks at 1300 hours. 14 Veterans were present.
Present; Commander Fox, Vice Commander Dalton, Tres. Hogberg, Sec. Vernon  B.O.D. Martins
Commander Fox  talked about our Non- profit status. It looks back 3  years. Our annual report to the IRS was not file.  July this year we will start over . Commander Fox filed the financial report . The 3 years report was filed. John Eastman took care of the 2011, 2012  reports. Commander Fox sent in the 2013 report. The IRS form # 1023 was re-filed. Commander Fox also sent a protest letter. Also he sent a letter to Sen. Whitehouse on  what had to be done  and his protest of the same. A check for  $400.00 was also sent to the IRS.
BOD Martins gave a update on the Memorial. The Eagle on the monument will be made of Granite. If it was made of Bronze it could be stolen. He passed around a drawing of what the Memorial would look like. Also he received a estimate from Foster Construction Co. of $ 30,300.00 .
After the final dawning  is complete the RI Chapter of the AF Assoc. may assist with funding for the Memorial.
At the Sep. meeting we'll hopefully see if we have our 501 ( c ) 3 back.
Meeting adjoined at 1430 Hrs.
Respectfully submitted, Raymond Vernon, Secretary

Sampson Vets Lunch/Meeting at Pinelli’s in Warwick