Rhode Island


A group of Sampson vets met at Denny's Restaurant, in Warwick, RI on Friday August 28, 2009 for the purpose of forming a Rhode Island squadron. At a second meeting held on Tuesday October 20, 2009 it was agreed that future monthly meetings be held at this location.
The vets in attendance enjoyed the get together, exchanging stories about their experiences while at Sampson and other Air Force assignments.

Our meetings are held at Twins Oaks Restaurant 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI in “Billy’s Room”on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1PM. Web Site:
We invite all vets to come and join us.

For information about the Rhode Island Squadron Contact:

Squadron Commander, Leo H. Fox, 72 East Park Lane, Kingston, RI 02881 - Phone 401-368-1346 or Email: leohfoxcpa@cox.net
Vice Commander, Bob Dalton - Phone: 401-739-1493, Email: rkdmad@aol.com

 Lunch/Meeting Tuesday March 28, 2017                                                                                                                    

Our next meeting will be held at Twin Oaks Restaurant, 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI on Tuesday March 28th in “Billy’s Room” at 1:00 PM.
The February meeting was held at Twin Oaks at 1300 hrs,13 members were present.
Present: Vice Commander Dalton, Secretary Vernon, Treasurer Hogberg, B.O.D. Martins
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag & moment of silence for our departed members and absent members who may be ill. Commander Fox's wife is doing OK with therapy.Jim O'Brien mentioned that member Carmine Delmonico fell and be he's doing better.
Treasurer Hogberg gave his report. No questions .Report accept as read and 2nd,
Vice  Commander  Dalton  talked  about   our   meeting with   the Conn. Sq. At this time we need  to pass since we are working on our Memorial.  VC Dalton talked about changes to the Memorial and passed around the changes that are suggested by the committee. A motion was made to accept changes and 2nd to accept the Memorial changes as presented.
On Mar 8 the Memorial Committee will sit with the RI veterans admin's (Cara Condit) and present our final charges to them.
Vice Commander Dalton talked about having a Plaque made for the Memorial with our group named as the
                                    group who had the Memorial made possible.( RI Sampson Veterans).
                                    VC Dalton  said that Father Robert Marciano  of Saint Kevin's church would do a
                                   pray at the dedication of the Memorial. ( He's  a retired Col. of the Air National Guard
                                    Chaplains) .
                                    VC Dalton talked about seeing to get John Gallo here to talk about the
                                    Flight to Wash , DC for Veterans.He's on the RI Veterans Affair Committee.
B.O.D. Martins talked about our money that we have for the Memorial.( $51,000)
Tres. Hogberg Talked about E mailing  from John Gallo about  Veterans affairs he sent's out emails.
                       Go to the Web site.  RI Veterans affair
                       Also, veterans stations at Marine base Camp Lejeune, NC from 1950's to 1980's
                        to contact the VA, ( Problems with the water on the base).
Sec. Vernon: Mentioned that the RI National Guard Air show will be at Quonset Guard base on Sat & Sun
                    May 20 & 21. The Canadian Snow Birds will be the featured event.

Meeting adjourn at 1400 hrs.

Respectfully submitted, Raymond Vernon, Secretary

Sampson Vets Lunch/Meeting at Pinelli’s in Warwick