Rhode Island


A group of Sampson vets met at Denny's Restaurant, in Warwick, RI on Friday August 28, 2009 for the purpose of forming a Rhode Island squadron. At a second meeting held on Tuesday October 20, 2009 it was agreed that future monthly meetings be held at this location.
The vets in attendance enjoyed the get together, exchanging stories about their experiences while at Sampson and other Air Force assignments.

Our meetings are held at Twins Oaks Restaurant 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI in “Billy’s Room”on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1PM.

We invite all vets to come and join us.

For information about the Rhode Island Squadron Contact:

Squadron Commander, Leo H. Fox, 72 East Park Lane, Kingston, RI 02881 - Phone 401-368-1346 or Email: leohfoxcpa@cox.net
Vice Commander, Bob Dalton - Phone: 401-739-1493, Email: rkdmad@aol.com

Next Lunch/Meeting Tuesday September 22, 2015

Our next meeting will be held at Twin Oaks Restaurant, 100  Sabra Street Cranston, RI on Tuesday September 22nd in “Billy’s Room” at 1:00 PM.

The June meeting was held on the 23rd at Twin Oaks at 1300 hrs. 13 members were present.
Present: Commander Fox, Vice Commander Dalton, Sec. Vernon, B.O.D. Martins
Pledge of Alliance to the Flag & a moment of silents for our pass members.
Condolences to Bob Diner for the passing of his son.
Tony Fonseca has tried to contact Don Crout with no success. Comm. Fox will try to contact him.
Tony mentioned that his daughters Company only donates to Children and Wounded Warriors project.
New Member present Bob Hutchison.   Welcome !
Commander Fox  gave the Treasurer report; He talked about future use of channel 12 for the Memorial. Also,  there are 8 sites on Facebook  and see if we could input the recent channel 12 interview we had on the Memorial.
Total amount donated at this time is $ 7,475,00 .
Tres. Dan Hogberg daughter Dianne Gibree gave us printing for the memorial. The  request for donating   will  be on 2 sides.
 Ted Martins have appreciation  letters for donors to the Memorial and began to sign them and mail them out.
Ted talked about trying to talk to your local State Reps to see if they can make a donation for the Memorial. Also to send a Email to them and a Photo of the Memorial.
Commander Fox has a copy of N.H.  pamphlet of their memorial. He's thinking of doing the same for our Memorial.

Vice Commander  Dalton talked about his son-in -law and our web page. Letters to the RI. Vets. Cemetery have been sent. Also were all set with the AF with our Emblem and design.

 Respectfully submitted, Raymond Vernon Secretary

Sampson Vets Lunch/Meeting at Pinelli’s in Warwick