Rhode Island


A group of Sampson vets met at Denny's Restaurant, in Warwick, RI on Friday August 28, 2009 for the purpose of forming a Rhode Island squadron. At a second meeting held on Tuesday October 20, 2009 it was agreed that future monthly meetings be held at this location.
The vets in attendance enjoyed the get together, exchanging stories about their experiences while at Sampson and other Air Force assignments.

Our meetings are held at Twins Oaks Restaurant 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI in “Billy’s Room”on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1PM. Web Site:
We invite all vets to come and join us.

For information about the Rhode Island Squadron Contact:

Squadron Commander, Leo H. Fox, 72 East Park Lane, Kingston, RI 02881 - Phone 401-368-1346 or Email: leohfoxcpa@cox.net
Vice Commander, Bob Dalton - Phone: 401-739-1493, Email: rkdmad@aol.com

Sampson Vets Lunch/Meeting at Pinelli’s in Warwick

Lunch/Meeting Tuesday May 24, 2016                                                                                                                    

Our next meeting will be held at Twin Oaks Restaurant, 100 Sabra Street Cranston, RI on Tuesday May 24th in “Billy’s Room” at 1:00 PM.
The February meeting was held the 23rd at Twin Oaks at 1300 hrs. 13 Members were present
Present Commander Fox, Vice Comm. Dalton, Secretary Vernon, Treasurer Hogberg, B.O.D. (Broad of Director) Martins,
Pledge of Alliance to the Flag and a moment of silence for our departed members.
Commander Fox stated that it was nice to have Tony Fonseca here after his medical issue and a welcome to his wife Karen.  Also welcome to new member John Serapiglia.
                    Discussion on our Memorial. Comm. Fox stated that our price for the Memorial would be  in the range of $50,000. The granite   alone could be in the range of  $35,000. He talked to a Company in VT. about the Granite and their price were  lower than other quotes.  We will need to get a price for the bronze eagle .Comm. Fox talked about fundraising that we need to do this by having a committee. Ted Martins have done a lot of our fund raising already and we appreciate that but a committee is needed.Comm. Fox talked about going to  banks for donations and looking into professional fundraiser's. Ted Martins added that we all need to work of fund raising. Contract your state Reps.  We can forward a cover letter to donaters explaining the Memorial. Contact Ted or Leo for a letter.Comm. Fox and Ted talked about mailing information about our Memorial to Veteran groups. Vice Comm. Dalton  will provide a list of these org.
Commander Fox like to add more people to the Memorial Committee. He'll asked for members who would like to work on this committee.He's looking for 5 more people for a total of 8. There's a lot of different areas that need to have selected members work on each area to start and finish the Memorial.He'll set a date for a Memorial committee meeting after he fill these positions.
Commander Fox is looking for a new membership chairmen. Tony Fonseca  will be stepping down. "Thank You" Tony and your wife Karen. 
 Meeting adjoined at 1415 hrs.

Respectfully submitted, Raymond Vernon Secretary