June 30, 2015

The Regional Squadrons continue to be active. Their meetings are held at various times throughout the year. Some squadrons have breakfast gatherings, luncheons, picnics, boat excursions, sightseeing and/or visits to active and former military facilities. Whichever activity they choose works very well.

It is suggested that Squadron Commanders advertise in their local newspapers when their next gathering will be. Very often the local newspaper will place the item in the Veterans Section at no cost.

At this time the Central New York Squadron seems to be in limbo. The Squadron Commander has resigned and, so far, there is no one willing to assume the position of Squadron Commander.

Within the past year a new squadron has been formed by William Bernatovich. The name chosen for the squadron is “New York Finger Lakes Region Squadron”. Their meetings are held in Victor, New York every other month.

It is the request of the Roll Call Editor and Web Master that information regarding meetings and events held by the various squadrons be forwarded to them by the Squadron Commanders. This information will be published in the following edition of the Roll Call as well as inserted into the Local Squadron page of the Web-site. We have had Sampson Veterans discover our association as a result of searching the internet.

If possible, Squadron Commanders should request photos of their members as they appeared when they enlisted and a current photo. These photos should be submitted to the Web Master. The photos will be inserted into the “Now and Then” section of the Web-site. There have been instances where someone searching the “Now and Then” section of the Web-site has found a buddy from years past.

Our members are getting older and wiser. For various reasons, travel to the September Reunion may become difficult. The Board of Directors and Trustees recognize that fact and understand that the future of our association rests in the area of the various local squadrons.


Harvey Reibel

National Regional Squadron Coordinator