SW Virginia

The Montgomery News Messenger published an article in 1996 about Airmen who served in the USAF at Sampson AFB, New York. Rushie Hylton of Christianburg, VA noticed this article because she had two sons who served in the USAF and had taken Basic Training at this base. One son lived in Richmond, VA and the other lived in Roanoke, VA. Mrs. Hylton passed the article on to her local son in Roanoke.

The writer of the article was Don Garlock a former Air Force Veteran who lived in Bedford, VA
Claude Hylton put in a telephone call to Mr. Garlock for more information concerning the National SAFB Veterans Association in New York state.In February 1997, Mr. Garlock sent this information and news of the SAFBVA annual reunion to the Hyltons in September 1997. Both Claude and his brother Bill decided to attend that reunion and did so.

At the 1997 reunion in New York, the Hylton brothers met Jim Kelley of Roanoke and a discussion was held about forming a Regional Assoc. In SW Roanoke, VA for all interested vets to form this Chapter.
Upon returning to Roanoke, contact was made with Bobby Chapman and Jim Maile two more Sampson vets. A meeting was set up with Don Garlock in Bedford, VA to dicuss how to form a SAFBVA local chapter. For three years this small group met at various times to discuss the plans, where to meet? how to contact potential members, etc.

Finally in the year 2000 it was decided that if a SWVA Association was to be formed we had to do it right away. At this meeting Jim Kelley invited Jack Hayslett to attend. At this meeting it was decided that officers be elected and Jack Hayslett was elected President, Bobby Chapman, VP, Jim Kelley, Secretary, Jim Maile, Treasurer and Claude Hylton, Historian. We assessed ourselves a modest fee to allow for any expenses
We might have in starting this association.

The founding group planned and secured a meeting place for breakfast meetings, how to get the advertisement of our meeting to the public etc.
We first met at a local cafeteria, and after a couple of meetings, it was decided we needed a more private and larger meeting place. We now had about 15 coming to our breakfasts. We secured a place to eat, and conduct our meetings in a private room at Famous Anthony’s in Roanoke on the second Tuesday of each month.
Now it was time to officially form our local chapter. The date was February 13, 2000. At this meeting the same officers were officially elected
by the membership. A purpose was adopted. The purpose is to achieve and maintain communication between men and women who served at SAFB from this region and recognize a forgotten conflict the Koren War. Support the National Association in New York.

The local chapter recently adopted the Squadron Name and dropped the name Chapter to make all Regional Associations the same.

The Squadron has collected about $800.00 in dues since forming and contributed $1500.00 to SAFBVA and $2500.00 to the National D Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.
The monies raised has come from 50/50 raffles donations, Christmas gift auction at our Christmas dinner.
The Squadron has a Christmas dinner at Hollins University and a summer luncheon at various places. The spouses of our membership atend these get togethers, with entertainment at the Chrismas Banquet.

Respectfully Submitted, Jack Hayslett, SWVA Past Squadron Commander.

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:30 AM at Famous Anthony’s,
6499 Williamson Road, Roanoke, VA Directions
Dues are a mere $5..00
For information about the SWVA Squadron contact: Ted Nagel at 540-890-4586 or Email:tnagel@gmail.com

We welcome all veterans to attend our meeting and join our Squadron. The fellowship is great and the tales of Sampson in the winter months is fascinating. COME JOIN US!


Breakfast Tuesday September 12, 2017

The next breakfast will be held on Tuesday September 12th at Famous Anthony’s 6499 Williamson Road, Roanoke at 8:30 AM.

The August breakfast was held on Tuesday the 8th at Famous Anthony’s in Roanoke.

Our Squadron is still going strong and we are in the process of making up new profile sheets for all of our members, they need constant updating due to the number of deaths that we have had and also the new members we have recruited.
Ted Nagel, SW VA Squadron Commander                          

Southwest Virginia Sampson Vets Breakfast at Famous Anthony’s in Roanoke